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long-reach viscometer

The latest in-line viscometers from Hydramotion measure the viscosity of any fluid in any process environment. Add ease of use and low cost of ownership and you have the instrument of choice for any application.

• all-welded crevice-free construction

• no moving parts, seals or bearings

• no ancillary pipework

• virtually no maintenance: “fit and forget”

• no delicate or expensive accessories

• no on-site calibration

in-line process viscosity measurement

A process viscometer must work continuously year after year despite high temperatures, high pressures, aggressive fluids and unpredictable flow rates.  Also, there is often intense competition for installation space in a crowded plant.  Under these conditions traditional designs struggle to deliver accuracy, reliability or consistent performance.

The unique resonant technology of the Hydramotion XL7 process viscometer overcomes all the problems besetting traditional approaches.  It can be adapted to deal with the rigours of any process environment without compromising sensitivity or accuracy, giving continuous real-time viscosity measurement of any fluid under any conditions with excellent repeatability. 

intrinsically safe process viscometerUnlike other equipment, the XL7 viscometer has unlimited range.  Its accuracy is unaffected by flow rate, bubbles or particulate solids.  Furthermore, with no need for ancillary pipework or precise positioning, the XL7 can be fitted in any location without affecting calibration.

The robust, solid sensor can be as long or as short as necessary and fitted in any orientation, regardless of fluid depth or vessel dimensions.  The standard version is an all stainless steel construction, but other materials can be used, and a PTFE or custom finish can be applied where necessary.  The viscometer is supplied with any process fitting - flanged, threaded, hygienic or customized for a special application.

All models are also available in certified intrinsically safe versions for operation in Zone 0 Hazardous Areas (Class 1 Div 1 Group A).

As the XL7 always measures viscosity at process temperature, no inaccuracies can arise from localised cooling of the fluid around the sensor.  High-temperature models do not need special cooling.  If required, viscosity measurements can be corrected to a reference temperature.

Viscosity is displayed on a separate signal processor unit, which can be sited up to 3000 meters from the transducer.  Output includes a 4-20 mA analogue viscosity signal and a serial data link for continuous viscosity monitoring and control, either on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a plant-wide control system.

The XL7 viscometer is factory-calibrated to traceable international standards and ready to use straight out of the box.  There is no need for time-consuming on-site setup or recalibration.  Installation is simple, and with no moving parts the instrument is virtually maintenance free.

All this means that there will be an XL7 process viscometer for any fluid in any process in any plant.

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